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2015 Season

A true friend is one who can pull you up when you are down, delight you when all you know is dread, and who can summon from you, even when the whole world has gone mad, the giggles, cackles and guffaws of genuine joy.

Brisbane Arts Theatre’s commitment to theatre that fulfils that philosophy saw our audiences boom last season, and in 2015 we redouble our efforts to give you that most therapeutic of all experiences: laughter.

Our program of comedies will suit every sense of humour: from parodies to puppets, farces to fantasy, manic to musical.

Those deep, belly-shaking, tear-inducing laughs that consume both the mind and the body are as vital to good health as sleep, food and exercise. We urge you to renew your relationship with Brisbane Arts Theatre this year and get ready for hearty doses of the best kind of medicine.

- John Boyce, Artistic Director

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Looking for actor training? Brisbane Arts Theatre offers two weekly workshops, catering for different levels of skills development.

  • Level One is designed for beginners as an introduction to the basic acting techniques.
  • Level Two is an extended programme designed for students to grow intermediate skills to analyse texts and develop a character.

Acting Workshops

Brisbane Arts Theatre's College of Theatre Practice (RTO 32424) is a registered training organisation, offering CUA40413 Certificate IV in Live Production and Technical Services and CUA30413 Certificate III in Live Production and Services. Skill sets and special projects including acting, stage management, staging, lighting program, and audio program are also available.

Accredited Training