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In searching for the stories to tell on our stage this year, we had to start with our own.

2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the founding of Brisbane Arts Theatre by Vic Hardgraves and Jean Trundle. Its non-stop operation across fourscore years, particularly during the cripplingly lean times of the 2000s, remains a credit to the passionate volunteers and advocates who refused to let the light out on Vic and Jean's original vision.

Those dedicated people have always been as diverse as the works presented on the Arts Theatre stage. But for all of them, their beating heart is the great building on Petrie Terrace: repainted, repaired and renovated over the years, but always a beacon for those who understood the social value of accessible performing arts.

When Brisbane Arts Theatre marked its last significant anniversary, turning 75 in 2011, we resolved to open our eyes to the future, and open our ears to the audience. We did, and we found ourselves all over again. And so it's fitting to find throughout our 2016 season the common thread of identity, and the satisfaction that comes with finding one's place in the world.

Our 80th anniversary brings with it both the wisdom of hindsight and optimism for the future. Navigating the next 80 years will bring further challenges, but we are up to the task, because we know in our hearts who we are. We look forward to welcoming you to our stage, our home, in 2016. Happy anniversary.

- John Boyce, Artistic Director

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Looking for actor training? Brisbane Arts Theatre offers two weekly workshops, catering for different levels of skills development.

  • Level One is designed for beginners as an introduction to the basic acting techniques.
  • Level Two is an extended programme designed for students to grow intermediate skills to analyse texts and develop a character.

Acting Workshops

Brisbane Arts Theatre's College of Theatre Practice (RTO 32424) is a registered training organisation, offering CUA40413 Certificate IV in Live Production and Technical Services and CUA30413 Certificate III in Live Production and Services. Skill sets and special projects including acting, stage management, staging, lighting program, and audio program are also available.

Accredited Training