What's On

Avenue Q

By Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx, book by Jeff Whitty

Sesame Street meets Pulp Fiction in this unruly musical, a popular favourite at Brisbane Arts Theatre. Fresh out of college, Princeton is seeking to make his mark on the world, but can only afford an apartment on Avenue Q. While it may lack basic amenities, it does have an abundance of furry, colourful tenants.

Petrie Terrace becomes Avenue Q for the fourth and final(?) time! This Tony Award-winning musical is a must for anyone who's ever pondered life's big decisions or enjoyed a touch of schadenfreude.

6 May to 2 June

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

By Dodie Smith, Adapted by Glyn Robbins

Pongo and Misses are expecting their first litter and they can't wait for the pitter-patter of tiny dog feet to fill the house!

24th June to 2nd September

50 Shades! The Musical Parody

By Albert Samuels, Amanda B. Davis, Emily Dorezas, Joseph Shelton, Ashley Ward Dan Wessels.

Assembled by an orgy of comedy writers, strap yourself in for a stimulating and titillating romp! In this adults-only comedy, Anastasia Steele meets the debonair Christian Grey and he opens her mind to the nipple-twisting world of BDSM. Seen by over 300,000 people worldwide, this Australian premiere will leave you gasping for air!

For Fifty Shades virgins, detractors and lovers, this musical parody is the perfect night out for the girls, as we uncover just how many shades of grey there can be.

14 May to 28 August