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Jurassic Park: The Musical

By Aaron Holmes & Phillip Malcom. Music by Phillip Malcom & Ben Kaye-Skinner

Life finds a way... again!

Join Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm, with appearances by Mr DNA and Samuel L. Jackson, in this hilarious parody of the smash-hit motion picture. In Jurassic Park: The Musical, you will find an all-dancing, all-singing version of the Hollywood blockbuster on a shoestring budget.

Will Lex & Timmy escape the island? Will Dr Sattler and Dr Grant discover love among the dino poop? Most importantly, will the velociraptors be able to open doors? (SPOILER: they will...)

The place was an island... The theory was chaos.

21 September to 1 October

Peter Pan

By Peter Denyer

From J.M. Barrie's classic comes this new musical production of Peter Pan. This trip to Neverland will be one to remember as we join John, Michael and Wendy on this fantastic journey!

17 September to 5 November