We offer an unparalleled number of opportunities for artists and technical whizzes throughout our theatre company’s annual season of works. We are committed to the growth and development of Brisbane-based talent, and recognise the time and nurturing this takes with each individual. As a result, Brisbane Arts Theatre rarely has opportunities for once-off engagements, and hope to provide long-term support to anyone who walks through our doors, through one of our artistic programmes.

Many roles in our Mainhouse productions are opened to the general public, however one some occasions, shows may be cast using students from our education programmes, or members of our youth development programme. Our audition notices will contain information about which roles are available at our general auditions. Children’s Theatre auditions will always be opened to an audition process. We ask that all successful performers purchase a Brisbane Arts Theatre membership when joining our community – this small $40 contribution allows us to continue to thrive in these strange post-COVID-19 times.

Keep an eye on our auditions page for opportunities, or head on over to our volunteers page to read more about how you can get in on the behind the scenes work!