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Sleeping Beauty

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6 June to 15 August

When the Bad Fairy becomes aware that she wasn't invited to Princess Crystal's christening, she casts a nasty spell-in-waiting to greet the Princess on her 16th birthday. A rest of a hundred years may soon be the fate of the entire kingdom. Meanwhile, Prince Goodheart of Fingleshire and his loyal servant Simon are on a quest for true love. Will the two families of neighbouring kingdoms cross paths?

A modern musical take on a classic tale in a new Australian script.

By Natalie Trengove, Music by Jim Fury

By arrangement with David Spicer Productions


This season is sold out. There are no tickets available.

11am Tuesday to Friday (30 June to 10 July)
2pm Saturdays
2pm Sunday 19 July only


All tickets $16
Group 10+ $13
Gold Members $6.50
Members $13
Families with family membership can redeem their included season tickets for this show.

There are no refunds or exchanges once tickets have been purchased.


Approximately 80 minutes, including a 20-minute interval.


Director Ruby Tuesday
Music Director Jennifer Webber
Choreographer Luki Nally
Costume Designer Michelle Peloe
Lighting Designer Jess Stim
Assistant Director Justine Barker
Assistant Music Director Jack Barnett

with Ingrid Bartkowiak, William Toft, Melanie Bolovan, Justine Barker, James Kehoe, Angus Balcombe, Jordan Boyd, Giorgia De Paoli, Katie Routson, Georgie Patterson, Breanna Boyd Williamson, Emily Price, Freya Martin, Amy Mansinger, Jessica Tselepy, Marita Bellas Miles, Shannon Becquigny, Brianna Walker, Arabella Martin, Bianca Rapp & Ruth Jarrett


Stage Managers Ailish Silvester & Makayla Purdy
Assistants to the Stage Managers Sina Leinweber, Zoe Power
Electrics Operators Jess Mills, Mikaela Hollonds
Sound & Vision Operators Piper Morris-Nugent, Matt Davis
Followspot Operators Hamish Chappell, Steph Grima
Set Constructor Scott Lymbery
Scenic Artist Rebecca Hurst

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