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Renovation 2017

Our Performing Arts Complex

In 1959, Brisbane Arts Theatre had been producing theatre for 23 years without our own venue. We bought Dan's, a secondhand shop, and turned it into a theatre, opening in 1961. It burnt down just three years later, was redesigned by acclaimed Brisbane architect John Dalton, and rebuilt within just 12 months. In 2016, the building stands almost untouched since 1965, with minor building works undertaken in the 70s and 90s.

50 years on, it's time to revitalise our iconic venue.

The Renewal Project

Jeremy Salmon

Our plans for renovation are the result of four years of energy and preparation. In 2012, we commissioned a local architect to incorporate the innovative ideas of our people, developing a master plan for major overhaul of our complex. Some key features of the master plan are:

The total estimated required investment for the master plan is $2.71 million.



Stage One is the first step in redeveloping the Arts Theatre. It includes major renovations to the public areas of the venue, including the courtyard, bar, box office and restrooms. Key work in this stage includes:

Making the Arts Theatre Accessible to all patrons

Stage One is designed as a major improvement to the Arts Theatre's facilities for visiting patrons. Most importantly, it removes the barrier of stairs between the front-of-house areas and the restrooms for disabled patrons, ensuring the Arts Theatre becomes a fully accessible venue. Stage One not only modernises our public areas, but extends the capacity of the courtyard space. The addition of a rehearsal space will be the first since the sale of property in 2011, significantly reducing annual expenditure on rehearsal venue leases.

The estimated cost of Stage One is $300,000. We need to raise $150,000 from corporate and private donors.

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