Whether you are someone who produces engrossing, high quality or accessible theatre, a friend or family member of a performer or creative, or just someone who appreciates a good night out, Membership is a great opportunity to support Brisbane Arts Theatre as a not-for profit-organisation, and be a closer part of the community we hold.

Members have been the backbone of our theatre company since it was founded in 1936, and by joining us, you too can become part of our fun, creative and innovative culture at one of Brisbane’s most iconic theatre companies.

With Membership, comes some great rewards, such as a complimentary double pass for redemption on any show in the season, and a huge discount on tickets! Members prices for our shows start at $16 for Children’s Theatre, and $25 for Mainhouse. You’ll also be given the opportunity to have a say in our company’s direction at the Annual General Meeting, with voting rights – however this is not compulsory (so if you’re just in it for the cheap tickets… hey, we get it!)

Become A Member